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Laundry Service in Mumbai | Fast & Reliable Laundry Service

Leading a Mumbai lifestyle is constantly chaotic and busy. Within the limited 24 hours of a day, individuals spend an average time of 60 to 90 minutes daily doing the laundry, from prepping for the laundry to washing, hanging dry and iron folding.

From working professionals and business persons to stay-at-home individuals, everyone experiences this daily or weekly unless they use a commercial laundry service in Mumbai.

The increasingly fast pace and prices of the city and its lifestyle have rendered the need for quality, reliable and cheap laundry service. It can conveniently lessen the load of multiple responsibilities individuals juggle here daily.

Why Do Urban Areas Need Laundry Service?

The lifestyle of urban areas like Mumbai is known for its corporate sectors, social gatherings and engagements. These commitments require individuals to look presentable and impressionable on a daily basis. Handling laundry after attending to these obligations can be overwhelming and inconvenient.

The practical solution for urban dwellers would be to choose the best laundry service that can cater to their needs and provides facilities for individual convenience. At Dhobi Ghar Tak we understand the busy lives people lead and the convenience of an easy laundry pickup and delivery in Mumbai. We are dedicated professionals with a trained staff that has the expertise to handle a range of fabrics and garments.

Washing clothes at home can sometimes degrade their quality due to improper care and lead to an added responsibility. As a professional laundry service in Mumbai, we are specialized to handle clothes with quality care and maintenance and get rid of stains, odors or allergens. It is an affordable solution to keep clothes clean and tidy without employing any added effort.

We offer a range of modern laundry services for various products, from clothes and home linens to shoes and leather polishing. We cater to ease the lives of Mumbai dwellers seamlessly. Advanced laundry services like ours have also switched to online platforms as an added advantage for their customers.

It enables individuals to place a pick-up for their laundry with simple steps and clicks. The customers can choose from the range of services like dry cleaning, regular wash and fold or other services like curtain uninstall and reinstallation.

All these services might not be available at many laundry services together, but they can be easily accessible at the advanced and premium laundry services in Mumbai, Dhobi Ghar Tak.

Types of Laundry Services Available

type of laundry service available

Self-service laundromats :

This is a coin-operated laundry service where customers can do their laundry using communal facilities and pieces of machinery. Although the self-service laundromat offers independence, it cannot be used on a daily basis and occupies approximately 2-3 hours weekly.

The busy and fast pacing lifestyle of Mumbai dwellers demands them to reallocate this time for other vital and productive activities, rendering no self-service laundromat facilities in Mumbai.

On-demand laundry service :

Several laundry services have a special category of service, the on-demand service, which can be chosen by the customer whenever they require a special on-demand laundry treatment like stain removal, rafoo, dying, bleaching, starching, and more.
Customers use this service occasionally causing only a few laundromats to offer on-demand service in Mumbai.

Traditional laundry service

This is one of the most common laundry services chosen by a majority of people who outsource their laundry in Mumbai. Under this service, the customer can select the regular wash and fold service or other various services available at the laundromat.

It is common due to its affordable rates for professionally handled laundry and the quality of service received. It usually requires the customer to drop off the laundry at the dedicated store and receive or pick it up after the allotted number of days.

Key Features of Our Laundry Service

At Dhobi Ghar Tak, we focus on offering a seamless and reliable laundry experience and consistently work towards providing the best online laundry service in Mumbai.

Pick-up and Delivery:

We understand the demands of a busy lifestyle and offer an easy pick-up and delivery solution at the customers’ convenience. Taking time off work and other essential tasks and trips to the laundromat to pick up and drop laundry can be equally exhausting. With Dhobi Ghar Tak, you can access and book our services with a few clicks.

a. The convenience of door-to-door service: Our team members will collect and deliver the laundry as requested. Your laundry will reach your doorsteps freshly clean and ironed without the need for you to leave your home or comfort.

b. Time-saving benefits: We are highly efficient and punctual. We reach the designated spot on the scheduled time to ensure your time is not wasted and you can focus on other essential tasks or relax without the burden of laundry.

Professional Equipment and Products:

We are a team of skilled professionals with experience of working with several materials and garments. We acquire the knowledge and understanding to ensure you received the clothes clean, fresh and in good condition.

a. High-quality washing and drying machines: We use professional and industry-grade machinery that has been quality tested as Hohenstein Certified Machinery and Woolmark Certified Machinery. The technology enables us to provide added treatment and care to the clothes and provide you with a reliable laundry service that is worth your investment.

b. Use of eco-friendly detergents: We prioritize high-quality and environment-friendly products offering effective and quality wash. We understand the common concern of using harsh detergents and solutions used for cleaning and assure our customers be used German eco-friendly solutions for an impactful yet gentle cleaning to preserve the material quality.

Specialized Cleaning Services:

Every garment is different and deserves specialized care and treatment to preserve its quality and appearance.

1. Treatment of different fabric types: Before initiating the wash, we inspect the material to understand its wash requirement and offer treatment. We separate the delicates like silk or chiffon for an extremely gentle wash to maintain their quality, the whites from coloured fabrics to avoid staining and colour bleeding, separate the woollens to preserve their softness and similarly segregate clothes for their special requirements.

2. Stain removal and garment care: The staining quality and its fabric vary in the treatment it receives for spot cleaning. We ensure the stain is minimized to its highest potential and the clothes look as good as before using our premium-grade cleaning solution.

How To Choose The Best & Affordable Laundry Service In Mumbai

Selecting the correct laundry service for your clothes is extremely essential to add value to your investment and ensure your clothes are well taken care of and do not get damaged in the process of laundry.

Here are five essential factors that you must consider to make well-informed decisions.

choose laundry service in mumbai


Reviews and feedback play a vital role in understanding the service quality of a laundromat. Honest reviews from other customers can allow you to understand if the laundry service and its turnaround time are compatible with your schedule, lifestyle and requirements. It can prevent you from selecting a laundry service that does not deliver as per your preference.

Value for money

Extremely expensive to highly cheap laundry services are available in Mumbai, but it is essential to evaluate services that provide the most value for your money. Outsourcing laundry can be affordable if you consider other services provided by the laundromat, like special treatment cleaning, pick up and delivery, express delivery, corporate services, online services and more.


Ideally, a regular wash and fold service in Mumbai is priced by the kilo. You can compare the prices per kilo for several laundromats while keeping their quality of service in consideration. Specialized laundromats also offer premium services along with daily laundry requirements like dry cleaning, stain removal, rafoo, home linen and shoe laundry and more. Considering these aspects, along with the price range can aid in selecting a correct laundry service with a variety of helpful services.


One of the most common problems faced while outsourcing laundry is its turnaround time. Selecting a quick turnaround laundry service in Mumbai can be essential for times of emergency or when you require prompt service. Ensure it matches your daily schedule to make the most use of the service.

Customer service

The reviews and other research can highlight the quality of customer service offered by the laundromat. It is an essential factor to evaluate whether the laundry service would provide quality assistance and care to the clothes and customers and if it would be worth an investment.

Our Prices For Laundry Service:

We offer a wide range of personalized laundry services in Mumbai and their prices vary, but we have ensured to make it affordable to the expensive city lifestyle with high-quality care and services that deliver value for your money.

Here are our general prices in categories

Wash & Fold

A regular wash & fold service includes cleaning, drying and premium ironing services. Its prices begin from ₹40 to ₹55

Dry Cleaning & Laundry

It includes a dry clean wash, spot-cleaning treatment or stain removal and ironing services. Its prices start at convenient rates of ₹90

 Expert Services by Dhobi Ghar Tak

We provide specialized cleaning services for home accessories like curtains, rugs, carpets, and home linen, shoe deep cleaning Its prices begin from ₹450

Accessories & Soft Toys

This includes cleaning services for shoes, undergarments, soft toys and more. Its prices begin from ₹200

Services For Business We ease corporate life with our services for work wear, undergarments, ties, corporate tie-ups for uniform allowance, office carpet cleaning on site, B2B Services and more. Its prices begin from through special quotations

How We Work

At Dhobi Ghar Tak we believe in offering high-quality service and convenience and hence we offer professional doorstep laundry & dry cleaning service in Mumbai. You can access our premium services on the website and discard laundry from your task list. 

Book a free pick-up service from our website without any hustle and our friendly team will be present at the allotted time to collect your laundry. You can select a certain cleaning technique like washing or dry cleaning and other services on the website itself. 

We carefully sort the laundry and cautiously ensure the garments receive the correct washing based on their fabric and proper care. It helps us prevent any damage or colour bleeding issues. We check the garments for stains or spot removal and pretreat them as required.

 We use German eco-friendly cleaning solutions to offer a high standard of care and maintain the clothes’ quality. At our laundry service in Mumbai, we use state-of-the-art machinery for cleaning, drying and quality assurance. 

The machinery is certified and quality tested as Hohenstein Certified Machinery and Woolmark Certified Machinery. Our professional-grade pieces of machinery enable us to preserve the quality of fabric and clothes with a thorough cleaning. 

We cater to special cleaning requests and our experts deliver them. Our professional team pays attention to detail to ensure you receive the clothes wrinkle-free crisp and folded with premium ironing. We deliver clothes within 48 to 72 hours of pick-up. We understand situations of emergencies and necessities and offer express delivery within 24 hours upon request.


Depending on the cleaning service and product type the cost of laundry varies. For basic cleaning, washing and folding services, the charges can begin to range from ₹25 to ₹50 per product.

It can vary depending on the product. For regular clothes, it can range from ₹ to ₹ per kg.

Yes, we provide a quick and easy online laundry service on our website. It allows you to book from our vast range of cleaning services we offer in less than 20 seconds. You can also choose an express delivery in 24 hours, or we usually deliver in 48 to 72 hours.

Yes, we offer a specialized spot-cleaning service to remove stubborn stains and restore the garment’s original state without damaging it and ensure it looks clean like before.

We offer washing, dry cleaning, stain removal, iron folding and other cleaning services for fabrics like clothes as well as accessories. We assess the material and use appropriate treatment products to ensure a thorough cleaning and quality service.

Correct treatment and proper care are the two principles of laundry that we follow. We always assess the fabric before cleaning and using products over it to ensure it receives the necessary cleaning and conditioning treatment. We are extremely careful before and after cleaning the garments. We sort the materials and colours to avoid damage while washing. After the wash and premium-grade iron folding, we deliver the clothes looking fresh and new.

We commonly use general eco-friendly cleaning solutions for laundry detergent, disinfectant, fabric softener for regular cleaning services and stain remover for spot-cleaning. The cleaning products vary depending on the fabric and cleaning technique.

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