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Dry Cleaning Service In Mumbai Get 25% Off On First Order

Clothes are an expensive investment in the current day and age. It is an essential responsibility for every individual to ensure the clothes receive proper care to extend their longevity and returns. It is also necessary to maintain an impressionable appearance and dry cleaning service in Mumbai is a convenient and reliable solution.

 Laundry experts and specialists are well-equipped to handle dry cleaning and various services to offer quality service and care. Dry cleaning services are effective on most fabrics and materials, even on gentle fabrics like velvet, silk, wool or suede. 

Professionals are also skilled to handle embellished and tailored garments without damaging them. Professional-grade technology and products used in these services can remove stubborn stains and save your garments.

In a fast-paced city like Mumbai, it is convenient to have a garment dry-cleaned while you focus on other vital tasks and activities. Dry cleaning is essential to preserve the quality of delicate, expensive and high-end clothes.

 It is safe and gentle on the garments and does not compromise their quality. It uses non-water-based solvents to eliminate stains and recover a spotless look on the clothes. The humidity and pollution levels of the city also affect the clothes quality and require dry cleaning to improve their lifespan.

 Regular washing can cause discolouration, colour bleeding, fibre damage, and other problems. Dry cleaning does not face these issues and its effective cleaning methods remove odour-causing bacteria and allergens. 

Specialized laundry services in Mumbai offer various other dry clean services like carpets, sofas and other upholstered furniture. It can enable you to be an impressionable host without worrying about tough stains.

Our Process of Dry Cleaning Service

Dry cleaning service in mumbai

Different methods: When we first receive the dry cleaning items we meticulously inspect and section them according to their needs. We pretreat stains and spots before dry cleaning as it helps us break down the stains during the actual cleaning process. 

In the dry cleaning stage, we place the garments in the machine and use suitable solvents that gently cleanse the fabrics and remove the dust and dirt. For the spot-cleaning process, we hand clean the stubborn and heavily stained areas. 

We use non-water-based cleaning agents that target and treat individual stains. Before delivery, we run inspection and quality checks to assure excellent service.

● Specialized solvents used Upon: understanding the fabric quality we use specialized solvents that are eco-friendly and designed to eliminate stubborn stains. We use German eco-friendly cleaning solutions, that are designed to target dirt, oil, odours and other toxins. 

They are highly effective and safe, rendering the clothes fresh and clean. The solvent lifts off dirt and stains from the fabric with minimal damage.

● Methods to remove different types of stains: We assess and understand the specific item of dry cleaning for types of dirt, dye, and fabric. Depending upon its cleaning requirement, we pretreat the stains or use a spot-cleaning method and protect the ornamentation. 

It provides us with the best results. Every stain and fabric is different, and we employ the best solution to ensure the stainless eliminated and preserve the fabric quality. 

According to the fabrics’ needs, we use solvents that are suitable and adjust the machinery for temperature control and spin. It enables us to offer the correct care for garments.

Popular Items That Require Dry Cleaning Services In Mumbai

Daily clothing like cotton and linen ideally do not need dry cleaning, but if they are not washed properly, they lose their quality after a few washes. Dry cleaning is the best solution for linen and cotton.


Daily clothing like cotton and linen ideally do not need dry cleaning, but if they are not washed properly, they lose their quality after a few washes. Dry cleaning is the best solution for linen and cotton.

Silks and Rayons

These materials can last for years with their vibrant colours and prints if they are dry-cleaned, professionally and efficiently. Hand washing these fabrics can cause colour bleeding.


One of the most common fabrics that are dry-cleaned is suede, as it cannot withstand exposure to water. Dry cleaning is the best method for removing stains from suede.


For a long life, leather articles like jackets, shoes, or couches need professional dry cleaning services. It is the best solution to remove stains without harming or damaging the leather article.

Gentle attires

Tailored outfits with delicate fabrics and intricate ornamentation or beadwork require a gentle and careful wash. Wedding outfits, formal outfits and gentle fabrics like chiffon, lace and silk are dry-cleaned most popularly.

Home Linen

Curtains, beddings, table linens, and drapes are popular home linens that are dry cleaned to remove stains, odours, allergens and dirt. Sofa dry cleaning service in Mumbai is highly popular.

Our Eco-friendly & Sustainable Dry Cleaning Practice In Mumbai

Green dry cleaning is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional dry cleaning. In this method, the cleaning detergents and solvents are typically biodegradable with a relatively low toxicity level. 

At Dhobi Ghar Tak, we use German eco-friendly cleaning solutions to ensure our products and types of equipment are viable and safe for our customers’ health and home.

 These cleaning solutions are free of smell and germs and eliminate issues like itching and allergies. These cleaning solutions also offer the added advantage of superior cleaning of garments.

We use modern technology with energy efficiency to prioritize eco-friendly practices in all laundry related services. This technology aids us to reuse solvents, recycle cooling water, and heating system by employing little energy to operate. It reduces the carbon footprint, water consumption and waste generation.

Our initiative of using eco-friendly practices is to contribute to environmental sustainability by reducing the carbon footprint and chemicals that are released into the air and water. It helps us to be more environmentally friendly while offering excellent services to our customers.

How To Choose A Dry Cleaning Service Provider In Mumbai?


Look for the laundry service’s reviews and understand their previous customer’s experiences. 

Online reviews can help you assess the convenience and problems faced by other customs and make the correct decision without causing any damage to your clothes.

 It can also showcase its dry cleaning services quality and whether they provide any added service that could be convenient for your lifestyle. 

Overall satisfaction from a majority of customers is positive feedback and can be helpful for you to decide with ease.

Value for money

Dry cleaning services are similar to an investment, and several factors need to be taken into consideration while selecting the most suitable dry cleaning service.

 Location and convenience are top factors for traditional dry cleaning services. The modern and personalized laundry services in Mumbai offer door-to-door services which add high value for money and are highly customizable according to your schedule and lifestyle.

 Experience the quality of service first-hand, by getting fewer and relatively easier clothing items dry cleaned, like a dress shirt. 

It will prevent your wardrobe from being at risk, and you can make a data-backed decision


Ensure you compare prices and the quality of service you receive. 

Do not evaluate the dry cleaning service only based on the cheapest option. 

The laundry service’s expertise and experience can be beneficial for the long-term and the perseverance of your garments. 

Various laundry services also offer specialized dry cleaning services that should be considered while comparing prices.

 A marginally higher cost with other added services can prove to be more profitable for you.


Ideally, dry cleaning services require 24 to 48 hours. 

You can use the reviews and feedback to understand the laundry service’s turnaround time and assess it at your convenience. 

Several dry cleaners offer a doorstep laundry service in Mumbai, where you can select the time according to your schedule and receive.

 Your clothes at your convenience and without the extra effort of visiting a store or service facilities.

Customer service

An excellent dry cleaning service is always well-skilled and will explain the unique risk and problems that might occur for your particular garment beforehand. 

It will help you to make an informed decision. They should also be able to answer your concerns and queries regarding the process. 

It can benefit you to evaluate their responsiveness to problems and expertise in the services. 

Laundry services and dry cleaners with good customer service know how to handle most items safely and take complete responsibility for the servicing and if any mishaps occur.

Why Is Dhobi Ghar Tak The Best Dry Cleaning Service Company In Mumbai?

At Dhobi Ghar Tak, we offer exceptional and highly professional laundry service in Mumbai, with individual and premium care for everyone. From commercial sectors and individuals to residentials, we employ the best techniques to offer overall quality service.

Specialized care facility

Our online laundry service takes extra effort to ensure the fabric and garments receive the best possible care.

 Our experienced professionals have a higher understanding of a range of various fabrics, their requirements, and sensitivities. 

We facilitate specialized care and implement time-tested and the best cleaning techniques using industry-grade machinery and German eco-friendly cleaning products. 

Our methods are highly effective and preserve fabric quality, especially for delicate and fine fabrics like silk, lace, and wool. 

We provide stain removal and stubborn spot cleaning services even on gentle fabrics because we acquire the expertise to treat the stain properly, with no damage to the fabric. 

We use gentle handling techniques to aid special care and prioritize preservation.


At Dhobi Ghar Tak, you can avail of premium dry cleaning services and facilities at the most affordable prices. 

We ensure to offer you value for your money with our exceptional services without any compromises on delivery or quality. 

We offer online and doorstep laundry services for your convenience and provide more value for your money. 

Our methods are an overall cost-effective solution, that can allow you to enjoy the benefits of professional dry cleaning services and higher customer satisfaction.

Superior quality service

We pay close attention to detail from pick up until delivery. Our extensive experience enables us to handle every garment with higher-quality care.

 We understand laundry services can sometimes be an inconvenience, and hence offer a highly convenient online service where you can book a free pick-up for your clothes.

 Our team is punctual and reaches the designated pick-up point on time to offer you convenience and ease.

We also provide express laundry service in Mumbai with quick 24-hour delivery. 

Our seamless and superior quality service enables our customers to entrust us even with their expensive and finer clothes and to deliver them in pristine condition.

Professional grade technology

We are equipped with advanced cleaning technology specifically designed to offer effective cleaning with minimal risk of damage to the fabric.

Our professional-grade machineries are quality tested under Hohenstein Certified Machinery and Woolmark Certified Machinery. 

This state-of-the-art technology can maintain the longevity of garments while eliminating the most stubborn stains. 

Our experience and knowledge of fabrics, along with the advanced technology enable us with an advantage to offer you reliable and exceptional laundry and dry clean services.


In a dry cleaning service, the clothes are cleaned and rinsed using a solvent that can get rid of any stains. The clothes go in and come out dry. In a traditional laundry, the clothes are cleansed using soap, detergents, softeners, and water which is dried later, in a spin process.

Dry cleaning can keep the garment’s fabric fresh and maintained after several washes without damaging its quality. It also saves a large amount of water, which is extremely necessary in a city like Mumbai. Dry cleaning with eco-friendly laundry service is a perfect choice for your clothes and the environment.

Dry cleaning is suitable and safe for a majority of fabric types and ornamentation. Fabrics like nylon, polyester, and spandex do not need dry cleaning, a wet wash is ideally a suitable technique unless the garment label specifies dry cleaning.

It usually depends upon the fabric and garment type. Here’s a generalized schedule for dry cleaning different clothes:

Blouses – 3 to 4 wears

Sweaters and Jackets – 2 to 5 wears (sweat dependent)

Pants, jeans and skirts – 5 wears

Outerwear or winter wear – once a season and before storing.

Dresses – 1 or 2 wears

Suits – 2 to 3 wears

Yes, dry cleaning can remove most of the stains and restore the original state of the clothing. There are a few points to remember for successful stain removal. Always act quickly. After the stain has bonded with the fabric or set in for a long time, the damage is irreversible. Even if the stain is removed in dry cleaning, the discolouration will remain on the fabric permanently. Communicate the stain and its immediate removal with the laundry service. Dry cleaning can remove stubborn stains of coffee oil or even grease when they are fresh.

Yes, it is safe because, unlike the traditional wet wash, a dry cleaning wash is more gentle on the clothes. Delicate and finer pieces like wool, structured silk, rayon, leather or suede can specifically require dry cleaning to preserve their quality.

It usually takes around 24 to 48 hours for a regular dry cleaning but special dry clean requirements may take longer.

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