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Imagine if someone would have taken care of your laundry and done it in a highly professional way, the way you want it. From your blazers to your linens to individual care items. Life would have been much more straightforward. “Dhobi Ghar Tak” is happy to lead as the premier company for providing unmatched Laundry services with saving and other benefits. 

We understand laundry does have to cost you, that’s why we have affordable Laundry Services with a pick up and drop facility exclusive for our customers. We pride ourselves for offering laundry service for years and catering to residential to commercial. No matter the fabric, laundry of all the materials can be done with safety procedures and advanced methodologies to give you crisp, fresh, and clean clothing.

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Your local dhobi generally arrives at your doorstep on a weekly basis to collect your laundry. He/she takes them away in a pile, washes and irons them, and brings them back to you. So far, so good. But let’s take a look at the other side of the picture. Generally, one gives a bedsheet, or a bedcover, or a table-cover, or a sari, as one of the laundry items, in which the dhobi puts the other clothes, ties the sheet in a tight knot, slings it over his shoulder and goes away. If one doesn’t have one of the large cloths mentioned above, the dhobi will put the clothes around the sleeves of a shirt or around one of the legs of a pair of trousers, tie the sleeves or trousers tightly and take them away. Now, both of the above methods are terrible ways of taking and transporting laundry to the workplace as they cause the ruin of your clothes. Next, take a look at the dhobi’s workplace.

top rated Laundry services

Technology – We continue investing in advanced technology for more excellent, efficient, and quality services for our privileged customers.

Facilities – Incorporating standard practices and methods for cleaning, ironing, and folding clothes. We offer you door to door pick and drop facilities.

Online laundry takes care of several of the disadvantages of the local dhobi’s disadvantages. Online laundry is a highly professional service conducted by staff who are experts in the science of chemical cleaning of clothes, as well as in chemical waste disposal. As a result, your clothes receive the best treatment for removing dirt from them, and hazardous chemical pollution is greatly minimized. The cleaning process uses highly sophisticated machines that ensure that garments are treated with the care they deserve.

Washing near me

t is usually in an open area having an abundant water supply. This open area usually comprises a stony landscape. The dhobi soaks clothes in water with detergent, and then proceeds to beat your clothes against the stones to drive out the dirt from them. That is a terrible way to treat your clothes. Next, consider the water pollution that the dhobi creates through the washing detergents that he uses. Detergents are chemical substances which ultimately siphon off to streams and rivers in the vicinity, causing untold damage to marine and plant life in the rivers. Finally, everyone is acquainted with the damage caused to garments during the ironing process by the dhobi. In sum, the local dhobi is just not an expert in laundry service, which is both science and art.

top rated Laundry services

Affordable – High quality doesn’t always have to be costly. You can avail wash and fold facilities at affordable prices.

Superior quality – Our expert cleaners always prioritize washing and pressing clothes in less than 24 hours. We have an experienced team of experts that provide you excellent quality services anytime and every time.

Orders can be placed from your mobile or laptop from the comfort of your home or office or wherever you are, and at your own time. Clothes to be cleaned are taken away in garment bags, and returned in transparent covers, not in the unruly piles of the local dhobi. You can select the type of cleaning you want, and the online application will also recommend the cleaning method after you key in the nature of the fabrics of your laundry. You can choose from a variety of payment options based on your convenience. Thus, all things considered, the professional online laundry service is certainly to be preferred to the amateur service provided by the local dhobi.